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Tyler Alexander brings a blend of experience in brand, campaign, experiential, spatial, and motion design to his role as an art director. His journey into graphic design began through his involvement in hardcore punk bands, where he made posters and record artwork for the bands he booked and played in. This grassroots start instilled in him a passion for energy, fun, and a scrappy do-it-yourself ethos that continues to influence his work today.

Over the course of his career, Tyler has honed a holistic approach to design, direction, and strategy, making him a versatile asset to any team. Combining conceptual creativity with technical design prowess, he seamlessly navigates between ideation and execution, delivering impactful and resonant work for every client.

Tyler's portfolio features collaborations with global brands such as Nike, Apple, Oakley, Adidas, and more. Based in Portland, he shares his home with his fiancée and beloved chihuahua. Currently, Tyler is open to freelance opportunities that allow him to bring his perspective and expertise to new projects.

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