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Adidas Mahomes II
With Kamp Grizzly

Art Direction
Design Direction

Product Photoshoot
The challenge for Adidas Mahomes II lay in crafting an iconic footwear campaign around Patrick Mahomes' latest training silhouette. Drawing on Mahomes' unmatched achievements and unwavering dedication, our goal was to capture his energy, determination, and the hours spent in training as the basis of our campaign.

The opportunity emerged when Adidas provided compelling training photography, showcasing Mahomes' relentless commitment to excellence. This provided the perfect canvas to infuse Mahomes' persona into the campaign, incorporating his "2PM" moniker into the angle of our hero product shots and infusing both athlete and product photography with a dynamic sense of energy through our photo treatment. To ensure seamless messaging across all platforms, we devised a flexible design system, allowing for consistency and impact throughout while remaining flexible.

In my capacity as Art Director, I spearheaded the creation of the campaign's overall aesthetic and led the development of the design system, ensuring every element resonated cohesively.

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