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The Webby Awards
With Kamp Grizzly

Art Direction
Graphic Design

The challenge was to encapsulate the malfunctioning, digital-first reality of Covid-19 within the event identity of the 25th annual award ceremony. With the event transitioning entirely to a digital format due to Covid, there was a unique opportunity to weave a narrative through the event's identity.

Our solution involved orchestrating a gradual devolution of the Webby Awards identity over the week leading up to the event. Through intentional glitches and malfunctions in every aspect of communication—graphics, motion, and sound design—the identity reflected the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the digital landscape during Covid times. This crescendo of glitches culminated in a climax of exuberant chaos during the remote award ceremony.

This approach not only mirrored the challenges and uncertainties faced during the pandemic but also transformed them into a creative expression that resonated with audiences.

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