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Ice Queen

Photo styling by Beverly James Neel

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In the fiercely competitive frozen dessert market, the challenge was clear: create a brand that not only stands out but also captivates the hearts and palates of consumers. The opportunity arose with Ice Queen founder Rebecca Smith, whose rich heritage brings a piece of her Bay Area childhood right into Portland's heart with every frozen treat she makes.

The solution was Ice Queen's vibrant brand identity, characterized by an undulating cloud design system and a playful fusion of typography influenced by the Chicano art Rebecca grew up around. This visually striking identity not only grabs attention on store shelves but also beckons new customers daily, drawn in by Ice Queen's distinct perspective in the space.

The success of Ice Queen's brand didn't stop there. It has since extended to a Portland, Oregon storefront, transformed into a whimsical, candy-painted ice cave. This immersive spatial design further elevated the brand's appeal, creating a sensory experience that resonated with customers.

Recognized for its innovation and creativity, Ice Queen was honored with the title of Best Vegan Ice Cream brand in America 2023 by VegNews—a testament to its growing influence and popularity.

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