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Oakley Future Genesis
With Kamp Grizzly, Revanant

Art Direction
Brand World-Building
Design Direction

Animated Film Series
For Oakley Future Genesis, the challenge was to reestablish Oakley's reputation as an innovative brand while honoring its rich legacy. Leveraging Oakley's decades-long commitment to cutting-edge design, we crafted a brand narrative featuring Max Fearlight and his daughter, Maxine Fearlight, bridging the brand's past achievements with its future aspirations.

The opportunity lay in Oakley's history of groundbreaking products and their Purpose Beyond Reason philosophy, providing a solid foundation for our creative direction. In my collaboration with Kamp Grizzly and Oakley, we developed an engaging Animated Film Series and a comprehensive 360 Campaign, breathing life into Oakley's brand fiction.

My role as Art and Design Director involved shaping the visual identity of both the animated series and the campaign. Additionally, I contributed to the brand's world-building efforts, ensuring a cohesive and impactful narrative throughout. With with 85.9 million+ impressions globally, Future Genesis stands as Oakley's highest performing piece of brand content in its history, affirming the success of our approach in reinvigorating the brand's legacy while charting a course for its future. This campaign has not only reconnected Oakley with its pioneering spirit but has also laid a solid foundation for the brand's continued evolution and innovation.

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