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“Listen Closely”

With Kamp Grizzly

Art Direction

Brand Video
The challenge was to reignite excitement for Coachella's return to Indio, California, after two consecutive years of cancellation due to Covid-19. Amidst this hardship, an opportunity emerged—the iconic structures and natural vistas of the Empire Polo Club hold profound significance for anyone who has experienced the festival firsthand.

Our solution centered on capturing the essence of Coachella's vibrant energy and unique atmosphere. Shot on-site at the Empire Polo Club, our teaser video transforms the grounds into a pulsating, psychedelic landscape, evoking the festival's eclectic spirit and infectious enthusiasm.

This immersive visual journey serves as an invitation for festival-goers to return to the transformative experience of Coachella, reigniting anticipation and excitement for its long-awaited comeback.

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