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Nike Superbowl LIV
With SuperMoreBetter

Art Direction
Graphic Design

Conceptual Work
The challenge was to conceptualize a visual look and feel for releases surrounding Super Bowl LIV. Leveraging Miami's distinctive aesthetic and rich football culture as inspiration, there was a prime opportunity to craft a visually captivating concept.

Our solution drew upon the vibrant colors of the Miami sunset, evoking the city's unique atmosphere. Additionally, we incorporated elements reminiscent of 90's football aesthetics, paying homage to Miami football's storied history. To further elevate the concept, we integrated chromed-out textures inspired by iconic symbols such as the turnover chain and the Heisman trophy.

Through a range of approaches, we explored designs that left a lasting impact on the releases surrounding Super Bowl LIV, capturing the essence of Miami's energy and football legacy.

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