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“Body Jumper”

With Year0001,
Studio Wot

Art Direction

Cover Art
The challenge was to visually encapsulate the storytelling within a California Post-Punk band's debut LP, within cover art dimensions. Provoker's heavy atmosphere and lyrical themes, particularly the body-jumping sci-fi narrative of this LP, offered a fertile ground for creative exploration.

Our solution materialized in the form of a vacuum-sealed body jumper machine depicted within the cover art. This machine cradles a prone human form, immersed in a futuristic, virtual reality akin to "The Matrix." The imagery evokes themes of transference and dystopian futurism, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the narrative world crafted by Provoker.

Pitchfork likened this cover art to a scene from David Cronenberg's iconic films "Videodrome" or "The Fly," which was a career highlight for me as a huge Cronenberg fan.

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