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Nike Chicago Marathon
With SuperMoreBetter

Art Direction
Graphic Design

Spatial Design
The challenge was to infuse energy and excitement into the Nike Chicago Marathon experience through a dynamic graphic system and interactive elements. With the opportunity to collaborate closely with Nike and buildout partners, we aimed to create impactful moments for all attendees.

Our solution centered around a collage-inspired graphic system that embodies speed and movement, seamlessly integrating with interactive elements throughout the space. One standout feature was the infinite digital clock, making a bold statement and serving as a captivating photo opportunity upon entry. Additionally, a time-based interactive sticker wall allowed runners to share their desired marathon times, building anticipation over the course of the weekend. Finally, a dedicated photo moment offered runners the chance to capture a pose with the marathon route as a backdrop.

The result was a cohesive and immersive experience that elevated the energy of the Nike Chicago Marathon and engaged participants at every turn.

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