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Nike Holiday Just Do It
With SuperMoreBetter

Art Direction
Graphic Design

Deliverables:  Campaign
Spatial Design
The challenge for the Nike Holiday JDI 2018 campaign was to evolve the successful systems created for previous campaigns, such as the Chicago Marathon and Summer JDI, for the holiday edition of Just Do It. Building upon the energetic and detail-rich visual language established by these systems presented a key opportunity.

Our solution involved the creation of a dynamic 2D taping system that seamlessly extended across all product categories and featured multiple athletes. This system effectively conveyed product details, sport information, athlete profiles, and campaign messaging alongside captivating and moody photography. The incorporation of this 2D system into a 3D space transformed the Nike Soho store, enveloping every surface in the immersive holiday campaign experience.

This approach ensured continuity with previous campaigns while infusing the holiday edition of Just Do It with fresh energy and excitement, engaging consumers across multiple touchpoints.

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