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Oakley Prizm
With Kamp Grizzly

Art Direction
Design Direction

Brand Video
The challenge with Oakley Prizm was to reintroduce its cutting-edge, technically advanced lens technology in a way that resonated with both unprofessional athletes and regular people. The opportunity lay in showcasing Prizm's unparalleled performance—once experienced, its advantage becomes unmistakably clear.

Our solution involved crafting an engaging 360-degree campaign that married irreverent messaging with captivating product photography. By featuring astonished athletes experiencing the transformative power of Prizm firsthand, we aimed to convey its awe-inspiring benefits to viewers.

Central to our approach was the "line of sight" visual treatment, which directly communicated Prizm's advantages in a clear and impactful manner. This visual motif extended across action photography and video, creating a cohesive narrative that underscored Prizm's superiority.

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